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SE Program, AIT conducted Bangabandhu Chair Dialogue 2021: 'Research & Training-I'

The Sustainable Energy Transition Program, EECC, SERD, AIT conducted the 'Bangabandhu Chair Dialogue 2021: Research & Training-I' on the topic, "Strengthen Your Literature Review Through Systematic Search", on Saturday, 13th February 2021, facilitated by Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy, in support by RITE, Japan under EDIT-AIT Research Project Network "Energy Demand changes Induced by Technological and Social innovations".

The 'R&T' session was focused on how to strengthen your literature review through systematic search. Around 26 participants joined the session and learned on various platforms for literature review such as Scopus, etc. It was indeed a very interesting and learning session. Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy was among the Trainers and Facilitators during the session. Other trainers are:

Trainers & Facilitators:

  • Joyashree Roy, Bangabandhu Chair Professor, AIT, Thailand,

  • Shreya Some, Ahmedabad University, India, and

  • Nandini Das, Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University, India

Watch full video of the complete session:

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