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Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy: Winner of 2021 Breakthrough Paradigm Award

The Breakthrough Institute has recently announced AIT’s Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy as the recipient of the 2021 Paradigm Award.

The Breakthrough Institute is a global research center based in California that identifies and promotes technological solutions to environmental and human development challenges founded in 2007. The institute’s primary roles are research, communications and network building focusing on higher levels of public funding on technology innovation to "make clean energy cheap", which they argue will lead to higher environmental quality, economic growth, and quality of life.

​Each year the Breakthrough institute announces the Paradigm Award to recognize accomplishment and leadership in the effort to make the future secure, free, prosperous, and fulfilling for all the world’s inhabitants on an ecologically vibrant planet. This year the institute has recognized Prof. Joyashree Roy for her work on efficiency rebound in emerging economies which has influenced their thinking and research not only into the areas of energy efficiency but also the nature of economic growth and energy transitions as emergent phenomena.

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